Key Thought: Moderation!

Food is something I love. We all need food, and it’s a good thing to hunger, thirst, and then be satisfied. These are great things, but it can go bad and then get even worse. With the rise of obesity food has been one area where we have been caught up in.

Food can be our escape:

1. Stress eating – we feel uncomfortable and we turn to food.

2. Pleasure seeking – we plan everything around food and get great pleasure out of the next “event” that may have our favorite item.

3. Gluttony – Pushing ourselves to the max, to see how much we can ingest in one sitting, only to feel uncomfortable and then the cycle restarts.

Eating for nutrition and community instead of an escape:

1. Be grateful for your food and give thanks.

2. Slow down – enjoy your food with your family and friends. Slowing down helps you digest better and feel fuller faster.

3. Quality not quantity – We all have heard “choose local”. Practice it. Just because we can get a bucket of who knows for $5 compared to a bundle of veggies doesn’t make it a wise choice.

4. Eat out as a treat, not the norm – eating out is expensive, lazy, usually very high calorie and high salt. Invite friends over and prepare a meal together.

5. Avoid fake food – If it is synthetically man-made its probably best to avoid it. Also sugary soda’s and snacks don’t provide any real nutrients that our bodies need to thrive.

6. Pass on the seconds – That second trip to the food trough is best to avoid, rather enjoy spending time in good conversations with family and friends.


You will find if you eat less and exercise more, your weight will not be as troublesome and you will feel better too.

Yours In Health!

Nathan Cokeley



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